Get Informed With The Latest Nintendo Direct

It’s that time again, last Friday the Big N put out their latest Direct message detailing what Nintendo gamers can expect in the coming months and also moderately detailing their plans for E3.  Overall, not a terribly exciting Direct but there are a few nuggets to pull out of it.  I’m assuming they held some of the cards for their upcoming E3 Direct video.  Lets dive in with some of the bigger news, shall we?

Sega and Nintendo Partner Up Again
It’s still funny to see these former heated rivals now joining forces.  The latest partnership has created a new Sonic title called Sonic Lost World.  Little information was given about the title outside of “3D action adventure” and one promotional shot of Sonic and Tails flying towards a planet made up of hex tiles.  In case you were wondering, the two companies are also bringing Mario & Sonic: Winter Games back to the WiiU with the “2014” edition.

New Super Luigi U Hits Retail
In case you’re someone who doesn’t have New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo is making it easy to grab the expansion pack featuring Luigi.  While gamers can still nab this as DLC if you own New Super Mario Bros U, a standalone retail version of New Super Luigi U will be arriving at stores later this summer.  The DLC will sell for $20 while the retail copy will ring in a bit more at $30.  Here’s the pretty cool box art:


Zelda ‘Oracle’ Games Coming To eShop and Discounted
The original Gameboy Color Legend of Zelda titles (Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages) will be making their return in the eShop on May 30.  Make sure you pick them up the first three weeks however as they’ll be on sale for $4.99.  After that point, the price goes back up to $5.99.  I guess when you look at it, not a huge deal there, but a dollar is a dollar, right?

Pikmin 3 Details and New Main Characters
In its first jump into the WiiU, gamers will step into the intergalactic boots of three new heroes: Alph, Charlie, and Brittany.  Players will only be exploring during the daylight hours and in an interesting change for the series, you’re no longer restricted to a set number of in-game days.  Not only that, the game will have a level select option, won’t make you restart from the beginning if you botch a level and the GamePad will provide an easy way to switch between pikmin and leaders while showing the map as well.

Release Dates!
The Wonderful 101, the brawler from Platinum Games is set to launch in September, while Pikmin 3 has been locked into August 4.

E3 Coming To You! Probably…
In an interesting twist, Nintendo has partnered up with Best Buy to setup kiosks to over 100 stores in the US and Canada which will allow people to play titles demoed for the WiiU at E3.  It’s almost as good as being at the actual show….okay, maybe not, but this is still a cool thing to do.  An official list of locations and games on display should be revealed soon.

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