New Remember Me Video Taps Into A Different Human Element: Emotion

Remember Me, the upcoming action platformer from dontnod and Capcom, has shown us a  lot of elements so far.  We’ve gotten a look at lead character Nilin in her efforts to regain her lost memories in the beautiful city of Neo-Paris.  This past week, dontnod offered us a different look at the game, namely a look at the Memorize company and it’s founder, Antoine Cartier-Wells.

The company’s story is an interesting one and is detailed at length on the Journal website for Remember Me.  It’s very interactive and before you know it, you’ll be sucked into that world.  The story itself it very touching and yes, some of you may even get a little emotional.  For those of you that need an extra incentive, you may also unlock some rewards.  Just sayin’.

To go along with the journal is a very inspiring and powerful video featuring the words of Antoine Cartier-Wells being spoken over some just wonderful imagery.  The video was edited together by Devin Graham with music by Stephen Anderson coming together to make a very memorable video.  Even without any ties to Remember Me, the video is definitely still worth a watch.  Here’s your inspirational video of the day.

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