EA’s Frostbite Engine Gets A Bite Sized Version

Here’s a bit of odd news out of the EA camp.  The wildly popular Frostbite Engine created by DICE and made famous by the Battlefield series is going to be heading to mobile platforms.


Dubbed “Frostbite Go”, the first mention of this mobile engine was posted very recently on Frostbite’s official website.  There appears to be a dedicated team working exclusively on mobile platforms aiming to bring “true Frostbite experiences to all major mobile platforms.”  Frankly, I associate Frostbite with ultra realistic graphics and while some mobile devices are pretty powerful, I’m wondering how a mobile Frostbite powered game will look.

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of this powerful engine as Frostbite 3 is on its way first with Battlefield 4 and then heading to other top franchises like Dragon Age and pretty much every other next-gen offering from EA.  This also extends to the deal that was recently struck between Disney and EA to bring the Frostbite Engine on board to power future Star Wars games.

Anyway you look at it, fans of realism and destruction have a lot to look forward to with Frostbite starting to creep to all platforms.  I am curious to see how this engine will work on mobile devices and here’s hoping that we’ll get a glimpse at E3.

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