New Details Revealed for Destiny

Bungie is slowly pulling back the many layers of their ambitious upcoming online shooter, Destiny.  The former Halo studio has updated the main Destiny site to include more tidbits of information from specific classes, enemy descriptions, and even information on the game’s lore.


When players first enter Bungie’s new universe, they’ll take up arms as one of three types of Guardians, who come from the last safe city on Earth.  Each of the three Guardian classes appears to fit the typical molds for RPG games, Caster, Tank, Rogue.  The Warlock is the class that has studied “The Traveler”, mastering the user of some of it’s arcane powers.  The Titans were the ones that built the wall and then defended it from enemies of the city.  Finally, Hunters appear to be reformed outlaws who once spent time out in the wastelands taking risks and being rewarded for the trouble.

I’d imagine that these three starting roles will become more fleshed out as you go along, allowing greater customization and becoming more unique from your fellow players outside of cosmetic things like armor.


Additional information has been provided on some of the locations you’ll be visiting as well. For now, the Venus and Mars sections have been left conspicuously and conveniently blank, but details have been divulged about Abandoned Earth and the Moon.  Classified as a “forbidden zone”, the Moon appears to have been at least somewhat colonized before being left completely.  Structures and settlements have been left behind along with what appears to be some terrain deformation.  With The City left as the last remaining safe zone on Earth, Guardians will be able to venture out among the ruins to explore what’s left.  You’ll see nature retaking crumbling cities, fallen aircraft, and some familiar sites left in a state of disrepair.  Looks really interesting.

Finally, two enemy types have been revealed, Cabal and The Fallen.  Based on their description, The Fallen appear to be the ones with the biggest grudge against humanity.  Refered to as a scourge, this group has attacked all planets and moons that humanity has touched.  This group also comes in three flavors: Dreg, Vandal, and Captain.

The Cabal description is a bit more vague but what we do know is that they seem to be centered in or around Mars.  Expect much more at a later date on these guys.

I’d be surprised if we didn’t get more details in a few weeks at E3.  Destiny is due out (most likely) next year for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and (it’s a very safe bet) the next gen Xbox.

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