7 Minutes of Awesome (and Insanity): Saints Row IV PAX East Gameplay

Deep Silver had a pretty big booth at this year’s PAX East event in Boston, Massachusetts and one of the bigger games in their booth was the private screening for the upcoming open world crazy simulator, Saints Row IV.  I managed to grab a seat and view the video (which impressed me very much), and now I’m happy to report that you’ll get the opportunity to take a look as well.

This past week, Volition released the full demo from PAX East this year.  The video shows off real-time gameplay from the Virtual Reality streets of Steelport.  It’s very reminiscent of the first footage they released of Saints Row III as it basically shows off a number of gameplay aspects.  One of my favorite new additions is the dubstep gun which I wrote about back in March.  I’m thrilled that you’ll finally get a visual to go along with my description.  In addition to that, Volition also shows off a number of new things like the Inflate-O-ray gun, weapon customization, and new vehicles like the monster truck.

The video will also show you the new enemy for the game, the alien race known as the Zin who has trapped you and your friends in these VR worlds.  Also, replace tank mayhem with a mech and…yeah, well you get the point.  Volition has found a way to fit a mech into the game and gives you the keys to wreck house all over the city.  The biggest addition though?  Superpowers.  At first, they don’t seem to fit, but watching them seems to indicate otherwise.  They look really easy to use and also look like a ton of fun to mess around with.

For a peek at the insanity waiting you, here’s the complete hands off demo from this year’s Penny Arcade Expo in Boston.

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