6 Minutes of Awesome: Remember Me Developer Walkthrough

Capcom and dontnod Entertainment are looking to provide a unique experience in June with Remember Me, an action platformer centered around the idea of manipulating memories.  With the release date quickly approaching, the developer is giving more looks at the title and today we have the latest developer walk through.

The latest trailer features the creative director on Remember Me, Jean-Maxime Moris, going over the central theme of the title: Memories.  Taking place in 2084, humanity has found a way to digitize their memories to help share them with other people using an implant.  Kind of like a biotic social network if you will.  Of course, corporate interests are heavily involved which complicates things so much that an activist group called the Errorists has risen up against them.

In the gameplay below, you’ll get to see some of the unique abilities on display such as Remembrane (allowing you to see the memories of a dead person in real-time), Memory Remix (where you change the memories of an individual), and using the Combo lab, where you can create your own combos during fights.  Overall, the video is a great rundown for the game as a whole, so if you’re unsure or curious about something, watch the video.

Remember Me is due out on June 4, for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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