An Extended Look At Next Gen? Microsoft’s IllumiRoom

We’re less than a month away from Microsoft’s big next generation console reveal and suddenly a video featuring a longer look at the IllumiRoom peripheral pops up on Microsoft Research’s YouTube account.  Coincidence?  I get the feeling that it may not be.

For those of you that don’t know, Microsoft’s IllumiRoom is a system that will enhance the area surrounding the television with visual projections based on what’s on the screen.  In layman’s terms, it uses a projector like device to increase the screen size beyond the actual television.  Based on the video, the device will sit on a coffee table or similar piece of furniture and display a projection over a large area surrounding the TV.  Interestingly enough, the topic of consoles is teased but never explicitly mentioned.  They even go on to discuss how the device could be connected wirelessly to a next generation gaming console as a secondary display.  I don’t know about you but things seem to be piling up here.

Rumors are swirling about a new and augmented Kinect system that will be not only mandatory but included in every next-gen Xbox.  Knowing that, what better way to unleash this system into the household and maybe wow a couple of people as well considering this device works hand in hand with the Kinect?  The device is being shown off this week at a conference in Paris, France.

For a better look at IllumiRoom, have a look at the latest video:

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2 Responses to An Extended Look At Next Gen? Microsoft’s IllumiRoom

  1. Paul says:

    I think one of Kinects biggest failures was its play-space requirement. It’ll be interesting to see this idea implemented, especially alongside mandatory-kinect, which seems to be based largely on bachelor pad or middle-class family sitting rooms.

    I’m enjoying this blog – keep it up.

    • Hey Paul,

      thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!

      Completely agree with you about the Kinect. I do have one, but I haven’t touched the thing in quite a while so there’s a healthy layer of dust that has formed on it. Hears hoping the new Kinect will be better configured to support all types of room sizes to go along with what I hear will be better functionality. I have no issues with the Kinect, it’s fun for what it is, just not something I could/want to really use on a constant basis.

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