8 Minutes of Awesome – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Fair warning: since this game seems to take joy in 80s things like sci-fi lightning, neon lights, and VHS reference, I just may have to drop some 80s terminology in this article to fit in.  So with Ubisoft set to release this radical stand alone Far Cry 3 experience (and fictional April Fools Day Joke) in a little over a week, what better time than now to unleash a fresh 8 minute developer walkthrough to give people the 411?

For what it’s worth, Blood Dragon looks to have a very similar gameplay element to it from the core Far Cry 3 experience.  You appear to still have the ability to gain experience for killing/completing things which in term will allow you to upgrade, you still can take over outposts on an open world map, and so forth.  Where Blood Dragon brings the heat is with it’s 80s style, new story-line  new protagonist, and new mechanics.  They’re completely embracing the 80s vibe and it’s totally mondo.  From the futuristic weapons, to the cybernetic arm, to the sci-fi look of the world, and even that ace neon bow, Ubisoft shows that it’s all in on this theme.   I can’t tell if the narrator is an actual developer or someone pretending just to be extra hip for the narration, but it fits the overall theme nicely.  I also enjoy the fact that tigers and other animals have been replaced by things like “Blood Dragons” who can help you take out enemies.  Seems like a bangin’ feature.

So sit back, chill, and watch this totally tubular video for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. I gotta jet.  (I make no apologies for shoehorning terrible 80s terminologies into this post) Cowabunga.

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