Call To Arms for Gears of War Judgment and DLC

Looking for more ways to cause chaos in Gears of War Judgment?  There’s some new DLC on the horizon so lets take a look.


This new DLC pack will contain 3 maps, 1 new game mode, and 6 new armor/gun skins to further customize your characters.  The new maps are Terminal, an OverRun map taking place in a train station, Blood Drive, a hospital style map which I believe was featured in Gears 3, and Boneyard, serving as a memorial ground for fallen soldiers.

Master-At-Arms is the new game mode and it takes cues from other games like Gun Master from Battlefield 3 or Gun Game from CounterStrike.  Essentially, this is a free for all mode where getting a kill with a weapon will advance you up a gun list.  The first player to get a kill with each of the 20 weapons wins.  Using melee or grenades will not count.

Just as I predicted in my review, it seems Judgment is expanding it’s limited multiplayer offerings and maps through DLC.  First through the free Haven update which added Execution and now through the paid DLC, ‘Call To Arms’.  I still feel that after the robust offering that Gears 3 game to people, this isn’t an ideal way to go about enhancing Judgment’s content.

Either way, Call To Arms will be available on April 30 and if you’re a VIP (Season Pass) Member, you’ll be getting this for free.  For everyone else, it’s going to run you 1000 Microsoft Moon Points.  No, that total was not a typo, either.  It seems we’re now entering into a dangerous place between 800 and 1200 for DLC.

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