Today In Video Game Music

In case you’re in need of some serious tunes to help you get through your day today, read on!

Grant Kirkhope, aka the expert Rare Composer during their heyday, has recently started posting his work on Banjo-Kazooie to his bandcamp site.  I can only imagine how many times he’s asked a day about how so and so can get their hands on the soundtrack and somehow, he’s managed to secure the rights to sell it.  I’m guessing the first round was a success because Grant is back again only this time he’s put the entire Banjo-Tooie soundtrack up for purchase as well.  Both albums are available now on Bandcamp and better yet, you can name your price to purchase them.  Pretty cool.  You can check out Grant’s Bandcamp page here.

The other piece of news I have for you comes from Koopa Soundworks who have managed to round up some serious (and some unknown) musical talent for the upcoming ‘World 1-2’ album.  If you’re into any sort of chiptune or electronic style music, you’ll definitely want to check this album out as it features the likes of Manami Matsumae (Mega Man) and Austin Wintory (Journey) to name a few.  The album hits digitally on May 2, but you can preview and preorder the album from the GameChops site right here.

So crank the volume and I hope this music helps make your workday just a little bit better.

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