Criterion Moving On From Racing (For Now)

Here’s something I never thought I’d write….ever.  Criterion Games, makers of fantastic action racing games like the Burnout franchise, are moving on from racing.  My mind still spins thinking about that.


Okay, I should also point out here that Criterion isn’t done with racing titles altogether, they’re just taking a break in order to work on something new.  Last weekend, Criterion creative director and vice president, Alex Ward, took to Twitter to kind of lay it out for fans that had been asking for new titles to various franchises.  He confirmed that the UK studio isn’t working on a new Burnout or Need For Speed and that the studio isn’t working on any sort of sequel or remake adding, “Sequels.Reboots. Remakes. Been there. Done that.”

You can see his actual tweets on the subject here, here, here, here, and here.

What’s interesting here is that they announced earlier last year that they were the new keeper for the Need For Speed franchise, bringing some sort of stability to a franchise that seems like it’s had it’s fair share of ups and downs recently.  So how does this affect that news?  We do know that the newly formed Ghost Studios is working on the next Need for Speed game but will Criterion be overseeing that or helping in any way?  It remains to be seen.

All in all, I do with Criterion the best.  While I’m disappointed that we probably won’t be seeing a new Burnout title for a while, Criterion has found success when they’ve deviated from the racing path.  Case in point, the fan favorite shooter Black.  It’ll be interesting to see just what they’re working on.

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2 Responses to Criterion Moving On From Racing (For Now)

  1. vinnatron says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what Criterion can come up with; there’s always a danger of falling into the trap of putting out the same old stuff year on year; this’ll be a great opportunity to see what they can do.

    • Yeah, while I am a bit sad we’re not getting a new Burnout for a while, I’m definitely interested to see what these guys can come up with. I never played Black but I know people speak highly of it so I know they’re capable of pulling off something excellent.

      It’s going to be interesting.

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