Mickey Mouse Returning To High Definition with Castle of Illusion

Remakes seem to be all the rage these days as SEGA has come out yesterday to announce that it’s “HDing” the old Genesis game, Castle of Illusion. This news comes weeks after Capcom announced that they’ve pegged WayForward to reimagine fan favorite NES game, Ducktales.  Honestly, if this is the direction we’re heading in, I plan to fully embrace it.

Castle of Illusion is being rejuvenated by Sega Studios Australia with support by former members of the development team including the games original director who actually works at Disney Interactive.  The game will still remain a 2D side scrolling platformer but also feature 3D elements along with the shiny new high definition graphics.  Better yet, Grant Kirkhope (basically every awesome N64 Rare game music) is lending his magic to the game’s soundtrack adding new elements while staying true to the original sound.

The not so great news out of all of this is that Sega Studios Australia is reportedly due to be shut down by year’s end so they’re kind of in a dead man walking phase here.  Hopefully the team knocks this one out of the park in a sort of swan song for the studio.

Castle of Illusion is due out this summer on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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