Smell That? It’s April Fools! Best Gag from April 1, 2013

It’s a day that is equally reviled as it is accepted by many people and also a day that the games industry dives into hard.  To be honest, I wasn’t floored by this year’s entries, but there were some really good ones.  Ubisoft even managed to stir the pot by introducing what looks to be a prank but there’s evidence supporting that their offering may be in fact, real.  So we may have another Ostrich Hammer on our hands.  I have to admit, it’s always fun to try to sort through what’s nonsense and what’s actually real.  Maybe companies like trying to bury real announcements in a pile of jokes.

I also want to take a moment and say: Blizzard, you really let me down this year.  Usually king of the castle in terms of April Fools, this wasn’t your best effort at all.  Regroup and come back at us hard next year, ok?

I’ve managed to capture as many oddities as I could from April Fools Day so prepare to laugh, cry, and hang your head in shame.  Let the emotional rollercoaster ride begin after the break!

Goat Processing Power
By: Sega
This is the prank that started the day off for me and it capitalizes on the screaming goat craze.  Come see your old favorite games get updated by…goats!  Honestly, there’s not too much else I can say here, just click on the link.
Check it out here:

When Magazines Meet Revision3
By: Revision3
With Adam Sessler now at Revision3, I guess it’s no surprise that the gang take a shot at his former employer in G4.  Instead of adopting only one magazine to brand your channel, what would happen if they took on multiple magazine brands and incorporated them into each of their shows?  Internet magic, that’s what.  Oh and also a pants-less Adam Sessler.
Check it out here:!

Dishonored – Golden Cat Walkthrough Part 3
By: Arkane Studios
This is quite possibly my favorite prank from the day.  When I saw a part 3 walkthrough for a game that released last year, I knew something was up.  What followed was pure hilarity as Dishonored co-creative directors Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio describe some…well…some small details that you may have missed including some very interesting development details behind Dishonored.  Also be on the look out for the players love interest!
Check it out here:

Guild Wars 2 – Super Adventure Box Mod
By: ArenaNet
Gotta love when April Fools jokes take on a life of their own so much that eventually they become real like the Ostrich Hammer from Red Faction Guerrilla among others.  Super Adventure Box is one such prank turned reality.  You can tell ArenaNet loves this holiday because they’ve been putting out some great pranks over the past few years and this year is no exception.  The best part though?  This 80s inspired retro content is completely free all month-long.  Come for the sweet platforming, stay for the awesome 256 colors on display!
Check it out here: 

The Truth? FarCry 3: Blood Dragon 
By: Ubisoft
So this one has caused much confusion around the internets. I originally thought this was going to be an actual title due to the coverage and even box art leak for Xbox Live arcade.  I guess after today, it would appear that Ubisoft had been planning this for quite some time and they succeeded.  First off, major props for creating a site that effectively brings me back to the Geocities and other free webpage makers back int he early 2000s.  Really nailed the feel.  Whether or not this is an actual game, you have to give it up to Ubisoft for going the extra mile to create one hell of a website for a game that may or may not exist.  Now I just need to know when my special edition megamix soundtrack cassette will finally arrive.
Check it out here: 

Find Relaxation with the Pre/Post Mission Readiness Kit
By: Splash Damage
Never one to back down on April Fools, Splash Damage has been putting out some cool stuff for a couple years now.  This year is focused on their upcoming PC shooter, Dirty Bomb.  Ever wish your character could get some R&R time before and after a match?  Wouldn’t a good, restful nap lead to more productive combat?  The readiness kit has everything you need from sunscreen, to gel eye masks, to bath salts.  Remember, you’re totally worth it.
Check It out here:

Returning to the future with Deus Ex: Human Defiance
By: Eidos Montreal
Ever wished for a totally sweet Deus Ex demake?  Well, this April Fools Day your wish has been granted!  You want non-lethal boss fights, even deeper conspiracies, and awkward 8-bit jumping?  Human Defiance is for you!
Check it out here:

The TigerMan was noble. The TigerMan was wise.
By Bungie
If there’s a inside joke here, I may have missed it.  Still, this is so absurd and bizarre I can’t help but love it.  Don’t ask me to provide any context because I can’t.  Just watch the video and you’ll understand.  Who’s taking bets on a TigerMan easter egg of sorts in Destiny?
Check it out here:

Minecraft 2.0 on the way
By: Mojang
Ever find yourself wanting more Minecraft?  In this fake major update, you’ll find yourself being killed off by raging chickens, exploding animals, a hostile mode, and you can even overfeed animals.  This prank is so elaborate and well thought out, that there is a massive list of “updates” and “changes” that frankly, are too numerous to list here.
Check it out here:

Higher Education? Pokemon Mastery Degree
By: Nintendo
Are you the best Pokémon Trainer out there?  Want to take your knowledge to another level?  Well let Nintendo prey on these hopes in dreams as they outline a fake course schedule for someone going for their Pokémon Mastery Degree.  You’ll be learning things such as Pokémon origins, history, and habitats by region.  But seriously, why go to school when the right thing to do is go wander the woods fighting animals?
Check it out here:

Something everyone asked for: Journey Rocket Death Match DLC
By: Thatgamecompany
For the more competitive people out there, this new DLC update for the excellent PSN game, Journey, adds the much requested Rocket Death Match mode to the game.  Now you can paint the lovely vistas and breathtaking scenery red with the blood of your enemies.  That’s what everyone wants, right?
Check it out here:

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