Surprise? The Phantom Pain Is Indeed Metal Gear Solid V

Even though I’ve been entrenched with PAX East news and impressions, I still wanted to touch upon the recent Konami news that came out of the Game Developers Conference yesterday.  Just as pretty much everyone already knew, The Phantom Pain was revealed not to be a brand new IP from an unknown studio named after a book, but it was just an elaborate prank so Konami could shock the world when it revealed to be none other than Metal Gear Solid V.

Was anyone shocked?  I’d have to say no.

Utilizing the brand new Fox Engine, MGS V incorporates both Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain into one package. As explained by series creator Hideo Kojima, Ground Zeroes serves as the prequel section of MGS V while The Phantom Pain picks up nine years after that event.  Kojima explains it himself in this tweet.

[UPDATE: Ok, scratch that.  Konami has seemingly overruled the previous Kojima tweet and confirmed that Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain are separate. With regards to Metal Gear, it seems confusion is the name of the game.]

Interestingly enough, the demo was played on a high-end PC which would indicate that this game is also coming to next-gen platforms.  Oddly enough, Konami has only confirmed MGS V for PC and current gen titles (yes, Xbox included), which I honestly can’t see being able to handle what was shown off in the demo.  For those curious, here’s the debut trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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3 Responses to Surprise? The Phantom Pain Is Indeed Metal Gear Solid V

  1. Chuck says:

    Nobody knows what the hell is going on with this project. Kojima clarified two or three times that they were all the same game, now Konami says otherwise? I still believe they’re all the same. Dumb marketing, dumb tricks.

    • Yeah, someone really needs to just clarify everything. If Ground Zeroes is a prequel, what does that mean? Is it going to be a retail release ahead of Phantom Pain, or is it going to be a downloadable title?

      I don’t really understand what they’re saying here if the two properties are not the same.

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