The Big News Update: PAX East 2013 Edition

So as many of you may know, I’m down in Boston this weekend for the annual Penny Arcade Expo and while this show is nowhere near to the size and scope of E3, we still get a few nuggets of breaking news and announcements.  While I’m compiling my notes, impressions, and general thoughts on the show so far for you guys, I wanted to highlight some of the bigger news items to come out of PAX East 2013 so far.

Capcom and WarForward announce “DuckTales Remastered”
When I heard and saw this on the show floor, my inner child exploded out of my brain.  I remember playing this one back on the NES quite often.  While most of us think of licensed games being utter garbage these days, it wasn’t generally the case back then as Capcom created a number of fantastic licensed titles.  Not only was this one of the better NES titles, the music carried the tradition that Capcom set with their Mega Man titles as being catchy and timeless.  WayForward Technologies is at the helm to bring the classic game back to life using hand drawn sprites while keeping the original NES in tact as you remember. It’ll have new features as well including a museum and an actual money pit you can swim around in. It’s hitting PS3, WiiU, and Xbox 360 this summer for $15 Bucks/1200 fun points.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back and put the Moon theme on repeat.

Blizzard reveals “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft”
So this is what people were handing out on the show floor. Sorry to disappoint if you were thinking this was a new RTS title, but it’s actually a cross-platform digital (PC, Mac, iPad) collectible card game.  For those of you interested, it’s free to play, though you’ll need to drop a dollar to purchase booster packs for your 300 card starter pack if you’re in the mood to expand.  The players deck’s will be centered around a central hero from one of 9 Warcraft classes and you’re able to battle computer or human opponents.  If you want to see it in action, check out a video here.

Halo 4 Getting Free Forge Island Map
Looking to spread your wings a bit with new lands to forge into cool Halo 4 maps?  343 Industries have heard your plea and are preparing to drop the Forge Islands into your games for the low, low price of free!  The downloadable content is actually three islands in a large open water space.  You’re getting a large, medium, and small island to work with along with new tools on top of the current ones.  The large island is so big that you’ll even be able to recreate Blood Gulch. 343 also used this new area to show off the Halo classic map “Hang ‘Em High”, that they created during their panel.  You can download this one starting on April 11.

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