The Indie Round Up: Major News For Three Games

It was a busy day for Indie developers yesterday as Klei Entertainment, Supergiant Games, and The Behemoth all came out with major announcements yesterday.  2013 is shaping up to be another strong year for indie games. Lets dive right in.

First up is the talented folks over at The Behemoth who have really been working hard on their next game, Battleblock Theater.  After being announced way back in 2009, it’s been a long road in waiting for this game to hit.  Well, the agony is now at an end because much anticipated title now has a release date attached to it.  You’ll finally be able to play this thing on April 3, 2013 on Xbox Live.  Here’s a new trailer for you to feast your eyes on as well:

Mark of the Ninja was one of my favorite titles last year and really solidified Klei as a indie powerhouse in my eyes.  Still, many fans wanted more content which proved to be challenging as MotN was always intended to be a complete experience.  After hitting the drawing boards, the team managed to find a way to keep the core experience intact while also bringing new content for fans to enjoy.  Enter: Mark of the Ninja Special Edition.  In this DLC, you’re getting a brand new prequel mission featuring Doshan (Ninja Tattoo artist) that will lead into the events of the main game.  The DLC also has a ton of developer commentary stitched throughout the game activated at “nodes” in each of the levels.  Finally, new non-lethal takedown moves are being added along with two new items with one specializing in stealth and the other designed more for confrontation.  These items will also be available in the core game.  No price has been set yet, but for Ninja fans, you’ll want to check this out when it hits later this summer.

Finally, Supergiant Games who crafted my pick for 2011’s downloadable game of the year, finally pulled the curtain back on what they’ve been working on since.  The next game from the studio is known as “Transistor” and already it features a gorgeous art style.  In the game, you play as a young woman who comes across a very powerful weapon which certain groups will stop at nothing to recover.  From what I can tell, the game will be a bit more action oriented compared to Bastion while retaining an RPG element as well.  At this point, it’s not officially announced for any platform and has a release window of 2014.  Want an early look at the game?  You got it:

So what’s better than all of that?  How about that all three will be available for you to get your hands on this weekend at PAX East?  Yes it’s true, they’ll be on hand to check out and I’m going to do my best to bring you my thoughts on all three.

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