It’s Official: Saints Row IV Coming Later This Year

Yes, that right.  Grab your dildo bat as Steelport is once again in need of your services.  The big announcement came on Friday and with it a wild and crazy debut treailer.  No need to worry about Deep Silver meddling in the affairs of Volition as if the trailer below is any indication, Saints fans are getting everything they want and more.

The biggest change to the game this time around seems to be the addition of super powers.  There’s also a lot of Enter the Dominatrix looking content in the trailer as well, but prior to the THQ downfall, we did hear that expansion actually rolled into the full fourth game so no suprise there.  According to reports, your character is now President of the United States and to no ones surprise, aliens end up attacking.  The Third Street Saints are actually teleported to a Steelport simulation city where characters can now take advantage of superpowers to help free humanity from the aliens control.  Volition also teased a few of the powers available such as being able to leap over buildings, run incredibly fast, and use telekinesis to basically throw enemies around like ragdolls.

If Saints Row: The Third dialed up the crazy to 11, the fourth game multiplies that by 1000.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the trailer below.  Saints Row IV is due out this coming August.

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