Daud Steps Into The Light With Dishonored’s “The Knife of Dunwall” DLC

Arkane Studios is looking for you to make a return trip to the world of Dunwall with the next major DLC installment to my favorite game of 2012: Dishonored.  Only this time, Corvo Attano is not the star of the show.  You’ll be picking up the blades of Corvo’s foe and legendary assassin, Daud.  Not only that, you’ll be able to revisit the opening moments of the game, only this time, from the other side.


With Daud set to be the main character in this content, players will not only get to revisit events and areas seen in the main game, but even more of Dunwall will open up as you’ll get to explore the Legal District and the Rothwild Slaughterhouse.  And what’s a new character without new abilities?  Since Daud has also been imbued with powers from ‘The Outsider’, he has access to his own set of spells and abilities.  The first of which, “Summon Assassin”, lets Daud call upon a member of his group, the Whalers, to assist in combat while Void Gaze seems to be his version of “The Heart” that Corvo used to track down bone charms and runes.  Traditional powers like Blink also have a new twist to them and there’s a number of new gadgets including a wrist mounted bow.  Of course, since this is Dishonored we’re talking about, the level designs will let you play how you want influencing your outcome.

This however is only the first part of Daud’s story as the third DLC pack (The Brigmore Witches) set to hit later on will conclude his tale.  The Knife of Dunwall hits the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 on April 19 for 800MSP/$10.

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