Two New Modes Emerge In Gears of War: Judgment

Ever wonder just what Baird and Cole were up to when they split off from Marcus and Dom during the events of Gears of War 3? Well, after a couple of reveals this past Sunday during the Gears of War: Judgment Xbox Live event, we’re now going to be finding out.


Epic and People Can Fly made two exclusive reveals during the Judgment event, the first of which is a brand new campaign that’s unlocked once the core campaign has been completed.  Called “Aftermath”, this new campaign picks up during the Gears of War 3 timeline when Marcus and Dom prepare to head to Azura via submarine.  You’ll take control of Baird and Cole again to see where they went during this time.  What should be interesting is that the new enemies, weapons, and gear in Judgment won’t be available as that stuff (obviously) doesn’t exist in the later games.  This makes me think that this is going to feel like a completely different experience.  Either way, it’s a wonderful addition and a real “thank you” to the fans as it probably very easily could have been DLC.

The other big announcement to come out of the Xbox Live event this past Sunday is another new mode called Survival.  For those of you who’re looking for a more traditional Horde style of mode, this is the closest thing you’re going to get albeit with a few new additions to the formula.  Up to 5 players are dropped in a map, charged with defending 3 different points against 12 waves of increasingly difficult Locust.  The emphasis this time is placed more in the class system in place so players will have to work together to stay alive and utilize the different abilities.  In a nod to Battlefield’s popular “Rush” mode, when one of the defense points is captured, the teams move on to the next area of the map until all points are captured or the COG team defeats all 12 waves.  Ok, so it may not be the traditional Horde you were expecting but it’s a fresh take on a classic.

Can’t wait to pick up your lancer once more?  You don’t have much longer to wait as Gears of War: Judgment is due out in only a couple of weeks on March 19 for the Xbox 360.

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