New Challengers Enter Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Even with SuperBot no longer working on Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony Santa Monica has picked up the slack (even with God of War looming on the horizon) in regards to the downloadable content. The developer is currently plugging away on the second DLC pack for the brawler which includes another 2 additional characters and a new stage.

The next All-Stars duo to join the cast of mascots are Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space franchise and the Olympian Leader himself, Zeus from the God of War franchise.  Isaac would seem to play more like a Nathan Drake type of character as he has access to firearms but he also has some interesting moves like being able to use stasis, a timing based reflection attack, and a move where he can shoot a spinning saw blade.  Zeus is a power character so while he hits hard, he’s very slow.  He has access to lightning attacks, charge attacks, and can even make a copy of himself.  The draw back is that many of these moves can be interrupted so there is some balance there.


The new stage will mash-up MediEvil with The Unfinished Swan and what I’ve seen so far of the new stage is very cool.  For those who don’t know, the major hook for The Unfinished Swan is that the lead character can throw things like paint to uncover the surroundings.  This new level successfully mashes up the two worlds with it starting in a MediEvil inspired graveyard which now and again flashes to the Unfinished Swan where paint is thrown into the level revealing new platforms.  This also serves to add some verticality to the stage as initially everyone is on the same ground level.

This second content pack will be hitting Playstation Network on March 19.  At this time, no price has been given.

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