Microsoft Readying It’s Next Gen Xbox Announcement?

After Sony finally revealed the Playstation 4 last week, all eyes turned to Microsoft and what/when they’d fire a return volley with their next generation offering.  If the current rumors are to be believed, it may be on the horizon.


According to reports, Microsoft has registered a domain for ‘’ by a company called U.S. Techs (formerly Eventcore).  Interestingly enough, Microsoft has done this before, most recently for a domain called ‘’ which later turned out to be the main site for their E3 2012 press conference, as pointed out by the users on the NeoGAF forums.

Microsoft isn’t commenting about the domain registration but the current rumor out there is that they’re planning their reveal event for April.  With Sony grabbing all of the attention and hype after their event, it could very well force Microsoft’s hand even sooner to capture some of the attention back over to their side.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what Microsoft has up their sleeve and am looking forward to their response to the Playstation 4.  I wonder if Microsoft took notes during the Sony event and is planning on trying to improve upon some of the lowlights of the Playstation 4 event.  I also wonder if Microsoft will find a way to counter Sony’s first party offerings as we all know that the Xbox 360 has slowly been slowing down on first party offerings.  Either way, this is an exciting time we’re living in right now and we should be getting our answers soon.  Lets see what you have Microsoft.

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