Sucker Punch Details inFAMOUS: Second Son

As a self proclaimed mega fan of the inFAMOUS franchise, I was excited and a little surprised to see Sucker Punch not only reveal the next entry in the franchise but also take it in a completely new direction.  At this point in time, it appears that we’re looking at a whole new cast of characters and a brand new setting.  The other day, Sucker Punch opened up a bit more about the game and gave us some more detail on just who that rebellious lead character is.  The game’s producer, Brian Flemming, took to the Playstation Blog to spill some details.


So Cole MacGrath is out in favor of a new protagonist named Delsin Rowe.  It’s been about 7 years since the events in inFAMOUS 2 and the world has seemingly changed.  A new government agency has been created and anyone displaying any sort of these powers are labeled as a “bio-terrorist” and taken into custody to prevent any more events like what was seen in the past games.

Delsin is one of those anti-authority types so I’m sure you can tell there’s going to be some friction between this agency and him.  Delsin gains his powers after helping to rescue people caught in a fiery bus crash.  It’s after this point that he learns that he has the ability to manipulate, control, and change into smoke.

The game takes place in Seattle, Washington (fitting since this is Sucker Punch HQ) albeit in a more police state looking atmosphere.  Decisions will be making a comeback and now they’ll have a more direct impact on the gameplay and story.  Personally, I’m hoping for more grey area choices and less binary (good/evil, black/white) style decisions.  One of the main themes of the game also seems to revolve around this idea of surrendering freedoms to improve security.  Sucker Punch has said that Delsin will begin to ask questions that are relevant not only to the game, but modern society as a whole.

I can’t wait to see and learn more on what Second Son has to offer and also to see if there is any link (even spiritual) to the past games.  I find it interesting that we’re now moving into a new environment that’s actually in a real location.  The past couple games have taken place in fictional cities (albeit influenced by real locations) while Seattle is the new location for Delsin to run around in.  It also appears that the game is carrying a message with it, one about freedoms and what it costs to maintain security.  I wonder if this will change the tone from the previous entries.

One thing is for sure, the game so far is looking great as the debut trailer was created in-house using the game’s engine.  I’m betting we’ll see a big reveal this June in E3 and here’s hoping this is a launch title for the Playstation 4 this holiday.

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