It’s A Wrap: Rock Band Weekly DLC Ending In April

Somewhere, at some point in your life, I’m sure someone has told you that all good things must come to an end.  If you’ve never heard that…err…well, I guess I just completed that quota for you.

Harmonix, the guys who gave us games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Amplitude, and Dance Central have been pumping out DLC for Rock Band for well over 5 years running on a weekly basis.  Unfortunately, all that is coming to an end on April 2 as the last bit of DLC will be released.  In a post on the forums to the community, Aaron Trites explained that they’ve slowly transitioned resources away from the popular franchise to focus on multiple titles which are currently in development.


It’s been an incredible run.  I mean, the numbers alone are staggering.  After over 5 years, Harmonix has created a catalog of over 4,000 songs for Rock Band for 275 consecutive weeks.  It’s just about mind-boggling how much they’ve kept up on updating their games.

I want to congratulate the folks at Harmonix for not only supporting the crap out of their products, but making it so the DLC is available across multiple games which is really cool.  I have no doubt the high quality and standards set forth by them will continue on into the next generation of consoles.  Best of luck guys.

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