Bungie Finally Reveals It’s Next ‘Destiny’

Ever since Bungie handed over the keys to John-117 and the Halo Universe to 343 Industries, everyone has been wondering what was next for the popular developer.  After dodging rumors and handling leaks for the past couple of years, the curtain has finally been pulled back on their next game franchise: Destiny.


Destiny picks up sometime in the future after a disaster nearly wiped out humanity on Earth. A mysterious orb known as “The Traveler” gathers the few remaining survivors under it over a small part of the shattered planet.  The survivors create a city for themselves under this orb and begin to rebuild their society piece by piece.  It’s by this point that they begin to learn that they’re not alone as different creatures and factions have moved into the now abandoned territory. As a “Guardian”, it’s up to you to wield some of The Traveller’s power to save the city and eliminate the hostiles not only from Earth, but our solar system as well.

The biggest idea behind Destiny is it’s almost MMO-like qualities mixed with an always online, persistent world shooter.  Yes, that’s right, you’ll need to always be online to play.  Unlike Halo, Destiny is being groomed as a cooperative friendly game, though you lone wolves need not worry as you’ll be able to play by yourself if you want.  Bungie has a brand new networking system in place that will link players together who are in the same zones.  As you move away from these public zones, the other players will simply disappear.  The real kicker here is that Bungie promises that this will be all seamless and completely remove the need for loading screens or menus.  On paper, it sounds wonderful but it’ll be interesting to see how well it holds up being bombarded with large player numbers once the game is released.


Still, don’t expect MMO type player numbers in a single game, as public areas such as towns won’t hold hundreds of players at a time.  No specific numbers were given but the system is tightly controlled so while you will see other players, it’ll be much more reasonable.

Players will have full control of creating their characters including complete customization on things like skills, armor, and weapons.  So don’t expect a ton of different colored yet same armored characters.  There’s also going to be a loot system in place for us addicts out there so it’s pretty safe to expect lots of different type of gear.

Here’s the interesting bit though. Bungie has announced Destiny for the PS3, and Xbox 360 but since Activision hasn’t included this title in its 2013 financials or anything, it’s looking like this won’t be ready until 2014…after the new consoles are rumored to release.  Should we expect next-gen versions of this game as well, or is Bungie taking a big risk releasing a new IP on old generation hardware by that point?  Time will certainly tell.  While I’m intrigued by Destiny, I can’t help but feel what we were given was a list of promises.  I supposed I would have liked to have seen some gameplay to back up all of these great points but I suppose we’ll have to wait until E3 for our first look.

Bungie also released a video yesterday which gives you some background commentary from the studio on their ideas coming up with the game.  It’s all here for your viewing pleasure:

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