Gas Powered Games Saved By Wargaming

Now that you mention it, the article’s title sounds a bit funky.  For those of you who don’t know, Wargaming is an actual company, not a genre of video games, but I wouldn’t blame you for thinking otherwise.

So, as you may have heard, Gas Powered Games has not had a great start to 2013 as their $1.1 million dollar Kickstarter project got off to a very slow start resulting in mass layoffs from the company.  The past week, the Kickstarter campaign had been officially cancelled.  Things seemed dire for the struggling PC developer.  Enter Wargaming.


The popular free to play developer/publisher Wargaming swooped in this past week and added Gas Powered Games to their quickly growing roster of companies.  The company purchased Day 1 Studios late in January for $20 million dollars.  The financial’s were not released in regards to this current deal with Gas Powered Games, but CEO Chris Taylor and his team are now apart of the Wargaming family.  At this time of this post, no details in what GPG is going to be working on but here’s hoping that Wildman project can now resume development.

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