Nintendo’s Valentine’s Day Direct Update Recap

Nintendo wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day by spreading the love to gamers out there giving them a video presentation of news and upcoming releases.  Curious to see what’s on the horizon for the WiiU (especially now that Rayman Legends has been pushed back) and the 3DS?  There’s also some good news for those of you who like the man in green, Luigi.

If you want to skip all my fancy words and see Luigi Saturo Iwata bring you the news, I’ve included the YouTube video for your viewing pleasure below. Otherwise, lets jump to the juicy bits, shall we?


Luigi is taking back the spotlight especially on the 3DS.  A brand new Mario & Luigi game entitled “Dream Team” coming out this summer.  Interestingly enough, the game takes place in Luigi’s dream so naturally, he’s the star in this one.  There also seems to be some really surreal moments that can happen such as many little Luigi’s coming to help the main Luigi solve a puzzle as shown in the video below.  In other Luigi 3DS news, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was confirmed to have 4 player online and local co-op where players work together to solve puzzles or defeat ghosts. Scare Scraper mode tasks players with climbing a puzzle ridden tower, Hunter Mode adds a time limit while asking players to defeat all ghosts on a floor of the tower, and Chaser Mode has players looking for hidden ghost ducks.  Yeah, your guess on that last one is as good as mine.

In other 3DS news, Mario Golf: World Tour and the Wii game, Donkey Kong Country Returns are coming to the handheld this summer.  Not only that Animal Crossing: New Leaf will open the town gates June 9, right in time for summer vacation.

The 3DS eShop is also getting a lot of love as a demo for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate (boy, that’s a mouthful) will be arriving on February 28. HarmoKnight, a rhythm based platformer, will be available for download a month later on March 28.  Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move was also announced but no release date was given for the downloadable title quite yet.

For those of you looking for some WiiU information straight from Nintendo, well, things were a little light yesterday unfortunately.  A new Miiverse Community for both Legend of Zelda games (Zelda WiiU and Wind Waker HD) will be opening soon for fans to jump in and talk.  The other bit of WiiU news involved Wii Street U, which is a Google Maps like application for the console.  You can navigate to a location using Google Maps and then use the Game Pad to view the street view data for that location.

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