The Escalating Saga Of Rayman Legends

Well, it appears that this Rayman Legends delay is beginning to spiral out of control.  Obviously, fans and WiiU owners had a right to be upset as the game was originally scheduled to release in just a few weeks but now has been pushed to September.  Many took to Twitter, Facebook, and forums to air their grievances with the decision.  Ubisoft responded by saying they’d release a new demo exclusively to the WiiU.  While I don’t think that placated any of the people crying foul, it appears there are more than just fans upset.

In addition to a contract worker anonymously lashing out at the corporate decision (via Destructoid), the man himself, Michel Ansel, seems to be joining in on the unpopular decision.  Posting pictures over on Eurogamer, you can clearly see Ansel and other members of Ubisoft Montpelier holding a sign reading “Sortez nous Rayman. Soutient a Ubi Montpellier.”  For those of you who don’t speak French, let me assist here: “Release Rayman. Show support for Ubisoft Montpelier.” You can also see 2 groups in the background holding four signs saying WiiU, Feb 26, Rayman, and Michel Ancel.  Rayman is even saying “Please”.


To make matters even more complicated for Ubisoft HQ, a “Free Rayman” movement has broken out on their Facebook account.  It’s getting rough out here, that’s for sure.

While going against corporate wishes is never a great career move, I think Ancel gets a pass here as he’s an industry legend and a well respected figure.  There’s no way Ubisoft would make an example of him, nor should they.  That would just be insane.  Frankly, I don’t see the issue with releasing the WiiU game on it’s scheduled date especially considering that the game is complete.  With that said, there has to be a reason and one that we’ll probably never hear about. I’d have to imagine that it’s something behind the scenes that’s complicating matters.

At the time of this post, there’s been no official response from Ubisoft HQ regarding any of this so for now WiiU owners, enjoy your brand spankin’ new demo.  It’ll have to last you a while.

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