11 Minutes of Awesome: Tomb Raider Developer Walkthrough

With only a few short weeks remaining until Lara Croft returns to gamers, Crystal Dynamics has released a very long gameplay demo with commentary by Creative Director, Noah Hughes.  If you’ve been itching to get a really good look at the game, well, there’s no better opportunity than this one. Well, unless you somehow gain access to Crystal Dynamics…

In the gameplay video, we get a good sense of what Crystal Dynamics is bringing to the table as it opens with a short combat section.  Lara takes cover automatically now when in the presense of enemies which on paper sounds really cool.  After dispatching the enemies with her bow, we get to see a rope arrow in action and Hughes also mentions that Lara now has the tools needed to access this area.  So it would seem you’ll be able to backtrack to uncover new areas once you have the right tools.  It’s also worth noting here that if you’re worried about stop and pop gameplay, that really won’t be possible as cover seems to degrade over time so you’ll constantly need to be on the move.

One thing that really surprised me in this video was the brutal death scenes.  During the intense river section, Hughes shows off what happens if you miss the proper path and it was certainly cringe worthy.  I mean, it’s no God of War, but the level of violence was a bit more than I figured Crystal Dynamics would go with Lara.  Not offended, just surprised is all.  Some of the gameplay is from the E3 demo from last year, but you’re definitely seeing a larger and more detailed portion of it.

The last section introduces us to a scavenger shantytown and by this point, Lara is pretty banged up which also serves to limit what the player is able to do until first aid is found.  It forms an interesting and realistic take on the game.  If one thing is for sure in this region, you’ll need to look out for devious traps placed around the map as well.

The game looks fantastic just based on the video and also gives a good example of the traversal, combat, exploration, and intense set pieces that are waiting for you in the retail game..  Thankfully, we don’t have too much longer to wait as Tomb Raider hits stores in the US on March 5. Enjoy the video!

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