Tactical Assist – Street Fighter X Megaman Boss Order

Getting knocked around by Ryu’s uppercuts or shocked from Blanka’s electricity?  This Tactical Assist is devoted to helping you get over the hump and past these Robot Masters Street Fighter bosses and into the end game.  While the bosses don’t have a particular pattern to memorize like a traditional Mega Man game, this guide therefore won’t be an “instant win” button but it should provide enough tools to get you better prepared for the upcoming battle.


I’ve tried to place the characters in the order you may want to tackle them in but ultimately, it’s up to you.  Grab your mega busters and let’s go.

Click below the jump to see the finer details and weaknesses. To victory!

Boss Name: Ryu
Move Set: Hadouken (a fireball projectile), Shoyruken (a jumping uppercut), Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (a spinning kick), and the Shinkuu-Hadouken (his super move)
Weakness: Aegis Reflector (Urien)
Description: Ryu’s stage isn’t that difficult making him a good first target. While the Aegis Reflector makes his Hadouken’s bounce back at him, you really only need the Mega Buster to bring him down.  Couple things to note here is that you can’t hurt him when he goes into his spinning kick so it’s best to just slide under it.  His fireballs can be shot with the mega buster so try timing it so your mega buster charge shot hits just as he shoots it out.  That way you can follow-up with a barrage of hits.  His red fireball is much more powerful so beware when you see that.  All in all, you’ll want to keep your distance when fighting him for greater success.

Boss Name: Chun Li
Move Set: Kikoken (Fireball), Spinning Bird Kick, Lightning Legs, Hurricane-Lightning Kick (Super)
Weakness: Hadouken (Ryu)
Description: Chun Li tends to be a little slower than some of the other bosses so she’s a bit easier to manage.  While Ryu’s power is her weakness, her ground speed also makes her a good candidate to attack first as the mega buster does a fine job as well.  The majority of her attacks need to be close to hit and can be easily avoided by sliding under.

Boss Name: Crimson Viper
Move Set: Optic Laser, Thunder Knuckle, Burning Kick, Flame Blast, Burst Time (Super)
Weakness: Lightning Kicks (Chun Li)
Description: In my opinion, one of the more difficult fights in the game as she tends to keep things interesting for the player. She has a lot of different type of moves so you’ll need to be on your toes quite a bit. It doesn’t help that her weakness is also a move that requires you to get close. With a mixed bag of attacks, it may be best to keep your distance and strike when their’s an opening. In this case, it may pay to play defensive.

Boss Name: Dhalsim
Move Set: Yoga Fire, Teleport, Stretch Limbs, Yoga Inferno, Large Yoga Fire (Super Move)
Weakness: Optic Laser (C. Viper)
Description: Compared to the last fight with Viper, Dhalsim isn’t tricky.  His fireballs can be shot down like you did with Ryu and when he vanishes just keep sliding so he doesn’t reappear on top of you.  All in all, not bad.

Boss Name: Blanka
Move Set: Lightning Roll, Backflip, Tropical Hazzard, Tropical Hazzard Super
Weakness: Yoga Inferno (Dhalsim)
Description: Blanka tends to be very aggressive making him also one of the more difficult bosses of the core 8. So in this fight, I recommend keeping your distance, especially when using the Inferno on him. It has a pretty long-range to it and the extra distance will allow you to have more time to react to his attack.  When you see him activate his super, jump to avoid the ground shocks.  Better yet, Inferno destroys the watermelons from his super attack.  Don’t forget that you can direct the Inferno by pressing up/down.

Boss Name: Rose
Move Set: Slide, Teleport, Soul Spark, Soul Satellite (Super)
Weakness: Tropical Hazzard (Blanka)
Description: Rose is a quick one and tends to move around a lot during the fight so timing when to use the Tropical Hazzard can be tricky. When she teleports, she’ll reappear the slide in your direction so when this happens leave a T. Hazzard shot waiting for her.  The teleport slide is her only real tricky move, the other aspect you have to worry about is just making a wide jump over her Soul Spark attacks.  As a quick tip, you can use the T. Hazzard shot to jump on it to avoid her super attack.

Boss Name: Rolento
Move Set: Pogo Bounce, Dagger Throw, Mine Sweeper, Rolling Attack, Mine Sweeper Spread (Super)
Weakness: Soul Satellite (Rose)
Description: Rolento tends to be a very vertical character, jumping around the stage a lot so the slide move will be your salvation.  From my experience, the shield part of Soul Satellite is what seems to damage him the most so try to stay close and damage him that way if you can.  The laser aspect works well to and is a bit safer.  Either way, having Soul Satellite will make the fight very easier.

Boss Name: Urien
Move Set: Violent Knee Drop, Chariot Tackle, Metallic Sphere, Aegis Reflector (Super)
Weakness: Mine Sweeper (Rolento)
Description: Kind of an odd fight rather than a difficult one.  Mine Sweeper unfortunately doesn’t make it that easier either as you’ll need to shoot three to really damage him.  The trick here is to stay close to him.  If you see him jump, he’s about to do two knee drops int he direction he’s facing making this move easy to avoid allowing for a counter attack.  His flame attacks can be avoided easily enough by jumping over them.

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