Geralt Returns In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

While the promise of next-gen systems has been out there for quite a while, we finally got a glimpse into the reality of it as CD Projekt Red and Game Informer announced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The sights are set even higher for this third installment with CD Projekt Red crafting a world that will rival the size and openness of Skyrim.  The environments are also planned to be larger than anything experienced in the past games with the brand new REDengine 3 powering the title designed specifically for next-gen platforms.  What’s even better?  With a world so large, the team is aiming for no loading screens to interrupt the gameplay.  Other interesting features include dynamic weather, fast travel, water physics for sailing, and much more and better animation for characters.

Want to know even more?  Well, you’ll have to wait, but Game Informer did post this debut trailer for the game and what CD Projekt Red is planning for the title

I do have to say, it makes the future seem a lot closer finally hearing about a game being announced specifically for the “high-end systems”.  I didn’t even know how to tag this one with no real or official names yet for the upcoming consoles, that’s how real this is people.  You can learn more when the upcoming issue of Game Informer hits mailboxes, electronic devices and stores soon.

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