30 Minutes of Awesome – God Of War: Ascension

Between the beta and last few trailers that have come out, it seems Sony’s upcoming action game, God of War: Ascension, has been all multiplayer focused.  Well, this past week that all changed as Sony Santa Monica held a press event focused squarely on Kratos’ story.  From that event, the first 30 minutes of the game has also been released for everyone to enjoy.

The video opens with the Ghost of Sparta in the very un-Kratos like position of being captured and tortured by a grotesque looking Fury.  I have to admit, I don’t know how the tech wizards over at Sony Santa Monica managed to make the game even prettier than God of War 3 but they did.  The level of detail and visual quality is just mind-blowing.  You can see the dirt, grime, and cuts on Kratos as he kneels there tied up.  It’s really quite astonishing.

One advantage we have coming in is that we know Kratos lives and as such, he takes advantages of a mistake by the Fury which allows him to escape.  From there, the level begins to gain strength in both scale and scope.  The action heats up as more and more enemies come at Kratos until a very cool boss battle takes place.  It’s all very cinematic, very brutal, and silky smooth more so than I’ve seen in the past games.  I initially wrote this one-off and the lack of any real single player coverage did nothing to change my mind.  After reading and seeing this new gameplay, I’m really pleasantly surprised at what Sony Santa Monica has waiting.  God of War fans, this one looks to be a real treat.

So get ready to release your rage with Kratos before the retail game hits the Playstation 3 in March.  Also, if you missed yesterday’s additional God of War videos, check it out here.

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