Crytek Swoops In To Found ‘Crytek USA’ With Former Vigil Employees

I won’t lie, the Vigil news last week from the THQ auction was pretty depressing.  Darksiders II was one of my surprise hits last year and I felt that it improved dramatically over the first game.  For their studio to not receive one bid at the auction last week seemed criminal.  With the studio now closed and the employees seemingly scattered, there didn’t appear to be much left.  Enter those crazy Germans over at Crytek.


Seeing an opportunity to establish a foothold in the United States while also helping the talented folks of the now defunct Vigil Games, the company founded Crytek USA right in Austin, Texas.  As you may have guessed by now, the studio is made up of 35 former employees at Vigil with former co-founder and GM David Adams in charge of the new studio.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like Crytek either knows a good opportunity when they see one or they like playing the role of hero.  Maybe both.  Vigil isn’t the first company they’ve helped/saved.  If you remember, Crytek is the one that stepped in and purchased the failing Free Radical Design of Timesplitters fame.  They’re now Crytek UK and hard at work on Homefront 2.  Either way, this is some good news and I’m happy to hear that part of the Vigil team is back together.  With the leftover IP auction from THQ scheduled to take place soon, you have to wonder if the newly formed Crytek USA will go after the Crawler or Darksiders IP.

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