6 Minutes of Awesome: Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Trailer

Need something to get you hyped up on this sleepy Sunday?  How about almost 6 minutes of cinematic fantasy action based in the Elder Scrolls universe?

Officially kicking off the beta sign-up announcement and giving players a chance to see each of the three factions at work (the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact), the trailer is full of action, badass moments, special effects, and certainly leaves you wanting more.

We’re first treated to an underground battle with a spellcaster and warrior fighting off some zombie looking werewolves (sorry for my lack of Elder Scrolls lore if these are indeed actual known creatures) but are quickly taken above ground where a fierce castle siege is taking place.  Up near one of the towers, we see a very acrobatic and badass ranger go to work on the castle defenders with the help of siege equipment.  The third section of the trailer, we’re treated to a sort of Spellcaster warrior type laying waste to the attackers on the ground level.  By the end, the Ranger, Warrior, and Spellcaster all meet up obviously representing the three factions opposed to one another.

It’s apparent after watching that, Zenimax Online has some real talented people working the cinematics over there.  Here’s the full video for your enjoyment:

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