Nintendo Direct Press Conference Details for January 2013


In a sort of “State of Nintendo” style address to the public, we got a glimpse at what Nintendo has planned for not only the near future, but a good chunk of 2013.  It seems like Nintendo is finally heading down the right track even though it’s taken them a little while to get there.  So lets take a look at the bigger stories to come out of Japan yesterday.  Can’t fault progress though right?

There’s a lot of stuff to get to so I’ve tucked it away below the jump. Click On!

Let’s start with what most people will regard as the biggest news to come out of this virtual press conference.  The producer on the Legend of Zelda franchise, Eiji Aonuma, announced a couple of things WiiU owners should look forward to.  Coming this fall, Wind Waker will be making a return to the console this time in snazzy HD graphics and Gamepad functionality.  Not much else is known on the title but I’d expect a big reveal at E3.  The other big Zelda news is that there is indeed a new Zelda title in development for the WiiU.  They’re not ready to show/talk about the title yet, but one tidbit of information we were given is that the team has sort of gone back to the drawing board for this title.  In what was going to be planned for Skyward Sword, the team is putting the familiar conventions away and going back to basics.  An example of this was completing dungeons in a specific order.  I wonder if this means we’re going back to an “open world” Zelda like the very first NES title.  That could be pretty interesting.

I hope you’re a fan of Miiverse because it’s expanding in a big way.  First up is an app being developed for Smartphones coming sometime in the spring.  Not much else is known about it however.  In addition, a series of updates are coming throughout 2013 bringing added functionality to certain games.  For example, in Pikmin 3, the player will be able to use the Gamepad as an in-game camera and take pictures from the perspective of the Pikmin.  You’ll be able to post and share these pictures.  On the other hand, a game like Wii Fit U will allow the player to join closed communities in the Miiverse where people can discuss things from the game like exercises and…calories…and such.

Nintendo has also given people a taste of what is to come at E3 this year and from the sound of it, it’s going to be software heavy.  A good thing in my opinion.  Here’s something to get you all into a frenzy.  A new 3D Mario game is currently in development for the WiiU by the team that brought us Super Mario Galaxy and we’ll see more in June.  Along with that, Nintendo has also promised a new Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Wii Party title as well, all of which will be at E3 in some form.


If you’re a fan of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, there’s a brand new title coming.  In his first starring role since 1998, Yoshi is back this time his world has been turned to yarn and fabric.  Currently called Yarn Yoshi, general manager of Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development, Takahashi Tezuka, will be deeply involved with the project along with the team at Good-Feel.  You may remember him from such games as Yoshi’s Island, Pikmin 2, Yoshi’s Story, and Animal Crossing to name a few.

Need to fill the void in your life left by the Wii’s Virtual Console?  Well, its making it’s long-awaited return this spring and an update will allow the titles to be played on the Gamepad.  If you’ve transferred titles to your WiiU, you’ll need to purchase them again for .50 cents (NES) and $1.50 (SNES).  Not only that, but to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Famicom system, Nintendo is offering a new NES or SNES title for 30 cents each month.  Here’s the list:

January – Balloon Fight
February – F-Zero
March – Punch-Out! Featuring Mr. Dream
April – Kirby’s Adventure
May – Super Metroid
June – Yoshi
July – Donkey Kong

There were a number of trailers shown off as well for The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, and a Xenoblade Chronicles successor by the gang at Monolith Soft.  But you know me, I’ll have these and more coming on Saturday during the Round Up so make sure to check back.

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