Nintendo Brings Clarity To Their Q1 2013 Release Lineup

We’ve all heard Nintendo throw around release terms like “launch window” and “first/second half”, but really, what does it all mean?  While we may never know exactly how long a “release window” really is, Nintendo thankfully has come out and given solid dates for a number of sought after games for the WiiU and 3DS.  In addition, we’ve also been given more insight to some surprise titles that are coming sooner than you think. Lets have a gander at what you’ll be playing, shall we?

For first party titles, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is going to be scaring up 3DS handhelds on March 24.  If you’re looking less for specifics, Nintendo placed a number of games in the dreaded “first half of 2013” spot including Game & Wario, Wii Fit U, Pikmin 3, and the Wonderful 101.

If you’re in the market for some third-party action, LEGO City: Undercover finally has it’s date nailed down.  You’ll be able to build and destroy March 18 on WiiU and April 21 for the 3DS.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is coming to the WiiU on March 19 in North America and the 22 in Europe.  There’s also going to be a patch on day one which will enable USB keyboard support.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is also hitting the WiiU on March 19 in the US and March 21 in Europe with it’s “Enhanced Edition” in a fashion similar to what Arkham City did.  With this enhanced version, one player uses the Pro controller, while another player is able to use the gamepad to provide assistance to the main player.  Specifically, this could mean navigational help, distracting cops, control amount of traffic on the road and even activate enhanced performance for any car.  As an added bonus, the recently released Ultimate Speed Pack will ship already bundled with the game.

For Gearbox fans who own a WiiU, fear not, Aliens: Colonial Marines is coming your way as well, just not on release day in Feb.  This one is scheduled for a Q1 launch. Yeah, not very specific but hey, at least it’s coming at all, right?

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