Blizzard Reveals Upcoming Dueling Mode For Diablo III

While Blizzard isn’t ready to unleash patch 1.0.7 upon the world quite yet, they did offer a glimpse into the much awaited PvP duels that are going to be included with this update.  While not showing their full hand or providing every single detail, we do now have enough details to start putting the pieces together.


So how do you start the beatdown?

For those interested in fighting, you simply need to speak to Nek The Brawler located in New Tristram.  From there, you’re warped to a new zone known as the Scorched Chapel.  This zone is entirely safe with Blizzard promising that it completely eliminates the rampant griefing that could occur in Diablo II.  The new area has four different zones and supports up to 4 players in a free for all battle.  Dueling doesn’t grant any bonuses or rewards and in the same respect, it won’t hurt your character either.  Death isn’t permanent (even for hardcore characters), you’ll be resurrected in that zone, and you won’t lose any durability when fighting.

Dueling isn’t the only addition coming with this update.  The Wizard and Monk are getting buffed a bit, new crafting recipes, new tier of gems, and other game tweaks.  If you want a full rundown, here’s the complete list straight from the source.

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