The Zombie Update: Today In Undead News

If you’re a fan of those flesh-eating undead walkers then today’s article is for you.  I’ve rounded up the top stories related to the living dead from this past week for your enjoyment below.

First up, those trailer wizards over at Blur Studios may have accidentally leaked Capcom’s next entry in the Dead Rising franchise aka the zombie murder simulator.  According to a resume spotted on Linkedin from a rigging supervisor, Dead Rising 3 is actually listed as one of the games that was worked on.  Capcom has declined to comment but this isn’t the first time a third entry has been mentioned.  Rumor has it that Frank West is once again being left behind for a mechanic named Rick and the game is supposedly set in the fictional city of Los Perdidos, California.  With all these leaks, one would think that an official announcement may not be too far down the road.

If you’re looking forward to more tropical island zombie killing, Techland announced a Dead Island Riptide “Rigor Mortis” Edition this week which is already in extremely limited quantities.  The $80 bundle comes with the game, a digital strategy map, bundled DLC, a small suitcase, a zombie hula girl figurine, a bottle opener that looks like a zombie hand and a…key…which is probably not to a safe full of money.  Dead Island Riptide is set to invade on April 23.


And…umm…in some head scratching news, it seems The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct now has a release date.  You know, that Activision first person shooter who’s initial gameplay trailer swept over the internet like a plague only to find out that it was gameplay but edited by a fan.  Yeah. Well, in a curious move, Survival Instinct is set to release not only in the bloodbath of games that is March, but it’s going to hit stores specifically on the 26th which you may remember is currently the spot held by BioShock Infinite.  The company also has yet to show of the game in any real capacity choosing to release a 30 second trailer with the Dixon Brothers voice actors talking about the game releasing on March 26. That instills some confidence in the game don’t you think?  I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but feel that the game is already in some trouble.

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