Shocking News: Nintendo Announces New Pokemon Titles

Fans of algebraic expressions will be happy to learn that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are coming later this year to the 3DS.  Let the math jokes commence.

In a Nintendo Direct broadcast, head honcho Saturo Iwata announced that both games would be hitting stores worldwide this October, removing the traditionally complex localization time frames and all of that mess.  Also shown was the first trailer for the game which you can see below including the three starter Pokemon.  Chespin is the chipmunk with a hat grass type, a fox-dog fire type with crazy ear hair called Fennekin, and the water type, a fluffy blue frog known as Froakie.

I can see you rolling your eyes over there so lets pump the breaks for a second.  Why does X + Y = a big deal? (sorry, I really couldn’t help myself there)

For starters, this entry into the hugely popular franchise marks the first real 3D adventure taking advantage of the 3DS hardware.  With the worldwide release date, the goal is to allow players across the globe to connect, battle, and trade with one another.  Not only that, the big change that fans will notice is that the visuals have evolved.  Not only that, according to game designer, Junichi Masuda, went on to say the game received completely redesigned environments, game scenario, music, and communication features.  Looks like all of the stops have been pulled for this one.  For a bigger look at the upcoming title, here’s the debut trailer:

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