CES 2012: Introducing Project Shield By Nvidia

No, sorry, this isn’t a Marvel related announcement so no Nick Fury or Captain America references here.

Need more Android gaming devices in your life?  If Ouya and GameStick were not enough, prepare for the portable “Shield” by hardware company Nvidia unveiled yesterday at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show out in Las Vegas.  With so many options now coming out, why should you care?


Shield will be the first to use the companies brand new Tegra 4 processor, pegged as the world’s fastest mobile processor.  In case you’re curious, the new Microsoft Surface processors use Tegra 3 and this new one has 6 times greater visual output.  Sounds impressive.  The console looks like a normal controller with a flip-up screen and integrated sound system.  The display measures in at 5 inches and can output at 720p HD.  Not bad for a little controller.  It also has a HDMI port for video output, a micro-USB port, and a microSD slot if you need more storage space.

Interestingly enough, Shield features software which will allow it to remote access to games already installed to your PC which does include Steam.  You’ll be able to play any PC game from the same local Wi-Fi network.  No word yet on detailed specs, price, or release date but Nvidia is targeting a Q2 release window.  If you want more information and to see this thing in action, head on over to Nvidia’s Twitch.tv page.

I have to say, it’s somewhat refreshing to see all these new consoles rushing out to the market.  Can’t be unhappy with more choices, right?  Anyone else think they’re trying to build hype before the giants at Microsoft and Sony grab the spotlight with their next-gen offerings?

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