Rumor: Used WiiU Consoles Give Access To Previously Downloaded Games

If you’re someone who decided to roll the dice on a used WiiU well we may have some good news to share with you.  A member over on the NeoGAF forums set up a new account on a second-hand WiiU console and then noticed that a couple of games were available up on the shop.  After his post, it seems other users have come forward and detailed their experiences with this as well.


Why?  Well, as it turns out, for some reason, Nintendo seems to tie downloaded games to the console itself rather than user accounts or Nintendo Network IDs.  If this is really how it was set up then all I can say is ouch.  Pretty sure this isn’t what Nintendo had in mind.  The original purpose I believe is to let anyone on that console access content regardless of who downloaded it originally, but it seems to have more far-reaching aspects as well.  I wonder if this is because of Nintendo’s relative inexperience dealing with the online market.

Provided that the previous owner actually downloaded game, head to the eShop and see if there is anything available. You may just nab a game or two or 10 for free.  At the time of this writing, Nintendo has not publicly commented so for the time being, consider this just a rumor. But still, you may want to consider picking up a used WiiU.

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