Return To The Sea With ‘BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition’

With BioShock Infinite looming over the horizon, 2K Games wants players to get ready and what better way than revisiting the past two games in the franchise in one neat little package?  Not only that, it’s coming much sooner than you think with a release date on January 14.

Before we get ahead of ourselves here, you are probably wondering just what this ‘Ultimate’ edition contains.  Glad you asked.  Lets have a look, shall we?

The big draw here is that the first two games (BioShock, BioShock 2) are included.  Outside of that, you’re getting access to every single piece of DLC, a BioShock Infinite sticker pack, and something called the ‘Museum of Orphaned Concepts’ which features never-before-seen character models, concept art and much more.  Not sure if this is a booklet or some sort of video/digital download.

Here’s a breakdown of the DLC that’s included:
Plasmids Pack (BioShock – 4 new plasmids and tonics)
Challenge Rooms Pack (Formerly PS3 BioShock exclusive – three challenging puzzle rooms)
Sinclair Solutions Tester (BioShock 2 multiplayer pack – added customization modes)
Rapture Metro (BioShock 2 – Multiplayer map pack, 1 additional mode, cap increase to 50)
The Protector Trials (BioShock 2 – six single player challenge rooms)
Minerva’s Den (BioShock 2 – campaign add-on which extends the storyline from the main game)

The Ultimate Rapture Edition is set to hit stores in North America on January 14 with a price of only $29.99.  No word yet on international dates.  BioShock Infinite on the other hand is hitting stores finally on March 26.

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