Rumor – Call of Duty: Black Ops II First DLC Outted

Those crazy cats over on Reddit have done it again.  With some eagle eyes and quick reflexes, the user Splurs over on Reddit managed to capture and post what should be the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.  In traditional style, the DLC will be a map pack including 4 multiplayer maps, 1 zombie map, and a new gun.

The DLC called “Revolution” is rumored to hit the Xbox 360 first on January 29th for what will probably be 15 dollars or included in the season pass if you purchased that.  The four multiplayer maps are called “Hydro”, “Grind”, “Mirage”, and what appears to be a snow map with “Downhill”. If you’re looking for more zombies action, “Die Rise” is also coming along for the ride and looks to contain some sort of military zombies based on the picture.  Finally, an SMG known as the “Peacekeeper” is going to be included.


With Treyarch probably coming back from holiday break soon, we should be getting confirmation of this shortly.  Expect some sort of video as well showing off the map pack in more detail. Until we get the final word from the source, this one is purely rumor (even if it most likely is true).

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