Soundtrack Central – More Sounds of 2012

Hey Audiophiles, lets keep the music momentum going from this past Wednesday, shall we?  There’s still a couple more games I want to highlight before 2013 dawns.  So crank the volume as we dive into this new batch of games.

call-of-duty-black-ops-ii-boxCall of Duty: Black Ops 2
I don’t think I’ve ever found a previous Call of Duty game to have a really memorable soundtrack but Black Ops II broke that trend for me.  Brought to life by Nine Inch Nails founder, Trent Reznor, and composer Jack Wall, the music had a different feel to it and left an impression on me.  Since the game takes place more in the near future, the music seems to follow suit incorporating a more electronic style of sound.  Interestingly enough, having Jack Wall on board, you can definitely hear some Mass Effect style sounds mixed in.  This is very much true in the track “Rare Earth Materials.” If you’re looking for a more latin flavor, look no further than “The Search for Josefina”, which mixes a nice acoustic guitar and the electronic elements.  Lastly, for you multiplayer junkies, I’ve included “Adrenaline” on here which is one of the better multiplayer menu tracks in the series in my opinion.

Recommended Tracks:
The Invasion of Panama
Mason Enters / Yemenite Fight
Rare Earth Materials
The Search for Josefina

I already wrote at length about Pid this past Wednesday so I won’t rehash it too much here.  The thing that really stood out for me with Pid was the music.  Performed by the band, Retro Family, rather than a traditional composer, this helps give Pid a very creative and very memorable sound.  Because of this, the game almost has a retro vibe to it where the music dynamically shifts to what you’re doing in the game in addition to being ultra catchy.  The best example of this is the track “The Butler” which has a high energy sound to it.  And like any good NES game, it’ll probably get stuck in your head.

Recommended Tracks:
The Butler
City Day

FC3BoxFar Cry 3
Here’s another game where I didn’t expect the soundtrack to be so prominent.  To my surprise, the Brian Tyler’s music plays a large role in the game, not so much with the story or anything, but it adds a dynamic element to an already fantastic experience.  The music tends to shift and change based on what’s going on around you.  So for example, exploring the jungle by yourself, you may be hearing something more subtle and subdued.  Then lets say you’ve attracted pirates to your location, or a predatory animal is stalking you, the music will dynamically change on the fly creating a more tense and action oriented sound.  Not only that, the music incorporates a lot of interesting sounds ranging from electronic to what can even be considered more tribal-like percussion and rhythm.

Recommended Tracks:
Broken Compass
The Giant’s Head
Far Cry 3

Listen to the entire soundtrack here:

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