Rumor: Sir Hammerlock Leads The Charge To New Borderlands 2 DLC

I guess we can’t be surprised that MikeTheInfidel has struck once again in revealing potential upcoming DLC for Borderlands 2.  He was, after all, the person that outted the last one so while the information below is probably true, I’m attaching the ‘Rumor’ tag to this one until Gearbox or 2K says otherwise.  Get ready for Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt!


So want to know what’s on tap for the third DLC pack?  I’m including the juicy details below so if you want to be surprised, I might advise against reading the following.

What’s been reported so far is that this DLC will take place on a new continent known as Aegrus featuring a predominantly swamp/forest type of environment.  A new vehicle called the Fanboat is going to be added complete with 68 skins and corrosive, incendiary, and shock weapon mods for the guns.  The DLC is also rumored to come with 5 main missions and 12 side missions along with a new Stalker raid boss the size of a small building.  Each class should also be receiving a new skin and head to help further customize.  Sir Hammerlock is also coming along for the ride to provide “monster-tracking” side missions.

Want even more?  Well alright then.  MikeTheInfidel didn’t stop their in his quest for knowledge also uncovering another codenamed DLC pack called Gardinia.  This DLC seems to revolve around character customization giving each character 3 packs each with a new head and skin for a total of 30 new customization options.

Still no word if this DLC will bring about the much sought after level cap increase but I’m sure we’re not too far away from official word so until then, we’ll have to wait and see.

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