Get Ready To Party With Kinect And Double Fine Into 2013

If you’re a fan of Double Fine’s wacky and fantastic Kinect game, Happy Action Theater, Major Nelson revealed some big news about it’s sequel this past Tuesday.

The followup game, Kinect Party, will be releasing this Dec 18 for the price of….free!  That’s right, Double Fine is giving this away so you can experience the fun without breaking open your wallet.  There is a catch however.  This charity and kindness ends in 2013 when the game will return to it’s normal 800MSP/10 dollar price point.  The good news is that if you already own Happy Action Theater, Kinect Party will only run you half that price.  Additional activities will also be available for only a dollar (80MSP).

Ok, you’re not up on your Kinect news and you’re wondering, what is this exactly?  Formerly called Double Fine Happy Action TV and a sequel to Happy Action Theater, Kinect Party is a game that you and your friends can just have a good time with.  Basically, the game has you do cool things such as destroy a city like you’re Godzilla, pretend you’re in Minecraft, lets birds land on you, and even create your own dubstep video.  I know, it sounds crazy…and you’d be right.  It’s just one of those games that you can have a good time with.

Ok, want to see what I mean?  Here’s a handy trailer to catch you up on the happy and the action:

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