Tactical Assist – Battlefield 3: Aftermath Achievement Guide

We’re now up to expansion pack four with Battlefield 3 and that means it’s time for some post-earthquake destruction with Aftermath.  While it’s currently only available for premium members, regular players should start seeing this become available starting this week and leading into next.  With the DLC comes new achievements and other interesting pieces so this Tactical Assist is back on the case to help you nab everything.


Keep reading to find some pretty cool easter eggs in Aftermath as DICE just loves hiding these things as well.

Lace up those boots soldier and lets jump head first into the disaster zone.

The Rundown:
I think I see a pattern forming here as the latest DLC, Aftermath, brings another 5 achievements/trophies for players to collect like the other 3 for an additional 120 gamerscore or another 2 silver and 3 bronze for you PS3 gamers.  The achievements are all pretty standard with one of them maybe taking a little longer to unlock than the others.

Here’s the complete list after the jump:

Extreme Hoarder –  20G/Bronze
Pick up 50 weapons in Scavenger mode
Scavenger is the new game mode that comes along with this DLC.  Probably the simplest of the bunch, mainly because this mode forces players to find and use guns scattered around the maps.  So if you play this enough, the achievement will eventually pop for you.  Just keep grabbing those guns.

Handyman –  20G/Bronze
Unlock All Crossbow Parts
So one of the big items in this DLC is a crossbow, though there’s a twist.  The crossbow isn’t actually available from the start as you’ll need to complete an assignment to unlock it and other assignments for the various attachments. Devious, I know.

Here are the various assignments:

  1. Sticks and Stones – Win 3 Rounds of Scavenger (Unlocks Crossbow)
  2. It Is Okay To Thank Me – Get 20 spot assists; designate 10 vehicles; get 1 designated assist. (Unlocks Scan Bolt)
  3. Stay Away From My Tent – 50 sniper rifle kills and 10 headshots with a sidearm (Unlocks BA Bolt aka stronger bolt)
  4. A Good Demo Man – 5 kills with each of the following: hand grenade, underslung grenade launcher and C4. (Unlocks HE Bolt aka explosive)
  5. Go Play Close Quarters – Total 150 meters of headshots with sniper rifles, assault rifles, and carbines (Unlock Scoped Crossbow)

Bite Your Finger –  30G/Silver
Find the Secret Reptile
Keeping with their dinosaur theme and giving players even more ammo for a Dinosaur DLC pack, DICE has hidden a little dinosaur statue in one of it’s maps for you to find.  I assume you’re here though to nab a shortcut so for you achievement hunters, this one can be found in a large pipe near the C flag on the map Epicenter.  If it doesn’t pop for you as you walk by, shoot it.

Home Made Javelin –  20G/Bronze
Destroy an enemy vehicle using the crossbow
This one sounds harder than it is especially when you consider the fact that you can outfit the crossbow with explosive bolts.  The only thing is that these explosive bolts are not terribly strong so I’d advise against tanks and other heavy vehicles.  You’ll want to aim for the lighter vehicles like quad bikes and jeeps.  I’ve also seen it confirmed that shooting enemy equipment also seems to work for this achievement.  I’m not sure if this is a bug/glitch so I’d recommend trying this sooner or later before it gets patched out.

Pocket full of death –  30G/Silver
Without dying, get a kill with the crossbow, primary weapon, and hand grenade
Some of you may assume this to be Complete Warrior 3.0 and you’d be correct.  It sounds daunting but it’s one of those that should pop over time especially because it’s not requiring a particular primary weapon. This allows you to play as a class you’re comfortable with especially because the crossbow is a gadget and not class specific.  Here’s a word of advice, you may want to play as Support since they can resupply themselves and their grenades.  Closer Quarters may also be a better option since the maps are smaller and you’ll see plenty of targets to shoot at.  Should make it a tad easier.

Aftermath Easter Eggs
At this point, you’re probably well aware that DICE finds great pleasure in hiding some really interesting easter eggs in the DLC. Aftermath follows suit in this regard.  Lets have a look at some, shall we?

Faith’s Shoes – Markaz Monolith
Do you think DICE is trying to tell us something with all of these Mirror’s Edge references in the DLC?  The latest one comes on the Markaz Monolith level, where on one of the taller building’s rooftop between the 4 flags on conquest, is a pair of red runner’s shoes. If you’ve played Mirror’s Edge, you’ll recognize them as belonging to the lead character, Faith.  Not only that, I’ve heard that you can also hear her breathing if you stand there long enough. Creepy.

Teddy Bear – Talah Market
To help you forget all the violence and chaos, DICE has hidden a cute, cuddly, pink teddy bear on the Talah Market map.  Just south of the ‘A’ flag on conquest, you’ll find this guy hiding behind three wooden pallets at the southern most part of the map.  You can see it from behind the wooden pallets, or feel free to blow them up.

Isaac Clarke’s Helmet – Epicenter
In another shout out to fellow EA Studio, Visceral Games, DICE has placed Dead Space lead character, Isaac Clarke’s engineering helmet behind a wall between a travel agency building between flags A and B.  You’ll need to have explosives so you can destroy the wall. In another creepy moment, if you stand long enough, you’ll hear him breathing as well.

Found any more?  Let me know in the comments!

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