It’s An Honor: Journey Soundtrack Nominated For A Grammy

Thatgamecompany and Austin Wintory should be very proud of the work they’ve done on the PSN title, Journey.  Not only is it a fantastic experience, it’s also received a major honor in being nominated for a Grammy in the Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media category.  For those that don’t know, those little golden gramophone trophies are the highest honor in the music industry.

This is a huge achievement as a full video game soundtrack has never been nominated before.  The closest thing to have been nominated (and won) in the past was Babu Yetu which was a lone song off of the Civilization 4 soundtrack done by Christopher Tin.  It remains the first and only video game related music to be nominated and to have won.  Wintory’s Journey soundtrack is the very first nomination ever for a full soundtrack.  If this win’s the category, this will be a mighty victory for the entire video game industry.

Journey will be going up against some major players however so the road won’t be an easy one.  It’s going to have to take down other scores/soundtracks from such composers like Trent Reznor’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Hans Zimmer’s The Dark Knight Rises, and John William’s The Adventure’s of Tintin.

Want a taste of the music?  A recent soundtrack central covers some of the music so check it out.  And congratulations once again to Austin Wintory and Thatgamecompany for the nomination.  Best of luck.

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