Just What Is Going On Over At Epic Games?

Something must be in the water over at Epic Games because another high-ranking member is leaving his role at the gaming giant.  Mike Capps is stepping down as Epic’s President after 10 years.  He’s not completely severing ties however as he’s moving into a more advisory role at the company while remaining on the board of directors.

So why is he stepping down and what’s next for him?  Well, the big reason is that he has a baby on the way so he’s planning on taking up the stay at home dad role.  While not a stay at home dad, I can completely sympathize with Capps in that a child does demand much of your time and energy.  Capps also goes on to say in a blog post that he doesn’t have anything specific planned for the future but he is excited at Epic’s future and the brand new Unreal Engine 4 finally getting out there.

There’s no doubt that it’s been a rough back half of 2012 for Epic Games.  I do have faith in Epic going forward, I have no doubt about their future, but to lose three major players in the span of about 4 months is just crazy.  If you recall, Epic’s Director of Production, Rod Fergusson, was the first to depart, taking off to join Ken Levine and Irrational Games this past August.  Next came another shocker for the company as longtime member and Design Director, Cliff Blezinski, departed the company in October.  Still, Epic is good at what they do, so I wouldn’t fear for them.  They’ll be fine.

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