Rumor: Dragon Age III Development Shifts Focus

Can’t wait to get your hands on Bioware’s upcoming fantasy epic, Dragon Age III?  Well, if the latest rumor is to be believed, you may be waiting a bit longer. 2014 that is.

According to a LinkedIn Resume (who checks these things anyway?) from EA Shanghai level designer Tao Gu, the scope of Dragon Age III has changed to focus now on the next generation consoles.  As a result of this change, the release date has been pushed further back into 2014.  His work on the project came to an end in September but being the lead level designer out of the Shanghai studio, he was in charge of the team there so you would think he’d know about a move like this.

Interesting news for sure but not surprising considering that speculation points to the next Xbox hitting late next year.  BioWare has yet to officially list any platforms for the game so it’s entirely possible that they were planning a jump to the next generation.  I can’t wait to see how it looks on next gen platforms powered by the already impressive Frostbite 2 engine.  I know many fans weren’t happy with Dragon Age 2 and I’ll admit it did have a few shortcomings, so seeing this delay coupled with the news of more powerful hardware leads me to believe good things are coming.  Added development time isn’t a bad thing in this case.

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