Wii Mini Is As Much A Real Thing As It Is Strange

Rumors began circulating about a Wii Mini earlier this week, though not much else was being mentioned.  Sure, we’ve seen companies slim down their initial products as manufacturing costs come down, chip sets get smaller and more powerful, and it provides a way to drum up more consumer interest.  The Wii however was already the smallest console of the three, about the size of three DVD cases stacked on top of one another so hearing about a “mini” version just didn’t make much sense to me.

Well, as it turns out, the rumors were indeed true as Nintendo confirmed that the Wii Mini would be hitting stores in Canada on December 7 for 99.99 dollars.  As of right now, Nintendo isn’t saying about possible releases outside of Canada so either they’re waiting to see how it’ll do or they plan on some sort of marketing campaign early 2013.  The console is a top loader, now with a red and black color scheme and will come with a red WiiMote and Nunchuk.  Very daring of Nintendo to plaster the console with the old Virtual Boy colors don’t you think?

What’s described above isn’t even the most bizarre part.  The Wii Mini is missing a couple of key components that may have gamers up in arms.  It’s missing the Gamecube backwards compatibility and also any online connectivity.  Does that make any sense?  How many kids do you think are going to be receiving this by accident this Christmas from a parent or loved one that mistook it for a WiiU?  What a sad day that will be.  Still, with so many devices connected to the internet already, I guess not having the internet on the Wii Mini isn’t such a huge deal since the price is right….right?  On the other hand, for 20 bucks more, you can grab a normal Wii so looping back, I’m not sure who this appeals to.

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